If we could bottle up the essence of Biba and send it to you to open up and become fully immersed, then we would! The pillars of our business are sustainability, wellness and natural all-encompassing beauty - and we proudly incorporate these pillars into our operation with a genuine sense of authenticity.

A visit to Biba is something to look forward to, a time of connection and time to escape from your world. 

When you enter through our front door, you’ll be greeted by our smiling team as the tantalising scent of Japanese Sakura Incense fills the air. A pleasing playlist will play soothingly in the background, and it is here that your Biba experience begins. After scanning in, our smiling staff will escort you to perform our hand washing ceremony. This simple ritual has been running since March 2020 here at Biba, and allows you to wash away the outside world.

The time for you is now.

You will then be shown to your seat and station and provided with some entertainment in the form of a glossy magazine or one of the many intriguing books from our library. We offer a range of delicious beverages - our most popular being our Hakanoa Manuka Honey, Lemon & Ginger option (great either hot or cold) - and we also serve a homemade slice of vegan chocolate bark to everyone that takes a seat in our chair. It is here that you’ll be presented with your own Biba card. Our Biba card acts as a nugget of wisdom with a special message just for you. Many of our Biba clients love to collect these and use them to reflect whenever they feel the need.

Your stylist will sit with you and go through your hair dreams - and once a plan has been put in place, this is when the magic begins.

Warm sunshine floods our basin area - and there’s also a gentle calming breeze to keep the temperature down. Here you can indulge in an amazing head massage and basin treatment. We offer warm lavender wheat bags in winter - or cooling Jade Eve masks in the summer. There’s also hot towels scented with our unique combination of lavender and citrus - everything you need to simply lie back and relax.

Once you are back in your comfortable seat, you will be treated to a Biba blow wave. The result is gorgeous bouncing waves that showcase your new cut or colour (or both).

As your experience comes to an end, and it’s time to depart - your stylist will assist you with future bookings - and then it’s your chance to rock your new look and take on the real world!

It’s all part of the Biba way, and we cannot wait to welcome you in.